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The 2020-2024 SLCFD Strategic Plan is reflective of feedback collected from Salt Lake City community members, City officials, and fire department employees. Collecting, evaluating, and incorporating this information was a year-long process, culminating in the formation of this document.

We invite you to view the document in its entirety. Information about our progress on the initiatives within is available below.

2022 Report Card

Like so many in our community, the Salt Lake City Fire Department prides itself on adapting to the challenges we face on a daily basis. We remain dedicated to our values of Trust, Community, Respect, Excellence, and Leadership. While circumstances may have reformed our methods, we have not diverted from our resolve to our mission, our purpose, or our community. This Strategic Plan, with its associated goals and objectives, guided us through it all, assisting us in navigating a dynamic and evolving situation. Although this first report card comes two years after the implementation of our 2020 Strategic Plan, we intend to share subsequent report cards annually.

The purpose of this report card is not to highlight our triumphs, but to showcase our commitment while providing accountability to those we serve with pride. By reflecting on the past, we will continue to learn and be better prepared for our future.

The 2022 Report Card information is available below, divided between each of the four goals. Click here to view the report card.