Welcome to the Salt Lake City Fire Training Page

Welcome to the Training Division site! This page is designed to be a resource for all things fire training.

Training Resources is divided into 4 sub categories, Crew Training, Basic Firefighter Skills, Outside Resources, and Officer Development.

Crew Training has ideas and training topics for crews to discuss, try out in their district or at their station, or bring out to the tower to try.

Basic Firefighter Skills has our current Performance Standards, Basic firefighting skills, and videos covering these topics.

Outside Resources has links to other fire training resources, training videos, and articles for your information, education, and discussion.

Officer Development has resources for company officer development.
Please enjoy the content and check back often as we will continue to update and add to the page.

Please contact us in the Training Division with any questions, comments, or if you have a training or drill idea you would like to share. Train hard and stay safe!

2022 Events

  • August 8 – November 18th: Fall Recruit School
  • August 12-13 – Instructor I course
  • September 5-30: Engineer School
  • September 12-13 – NFA Course: Shaping the Future
  • November 7-8 – NFA Course: New Fire Chief
  • January 9-13, 2023 – ODP Phase II

2023 Events

  • ARFF January 16-18
  • Spring Recruit School February 13-May 26
  • ODP Phase III TBA
  • Swift Water April 24-28
  • ODP Phase II TBA
  • Captain Promotional Process TBA
  • Fall Recruit School August 7-November 17
  • Heavy Rescue TBA
  • ODP phase III TBA

Training Resources

Training Calendar

Chainsaw Maintenance, Cleaning, and Reference Materials

Knowledge Base

Report Near Misses

It is important that every safety incident and near miss be reported, so the Safety Committee can review.